The Business Life Network is a not for profit organisation with members across Australia.

Openly a Christian organisation, the Business Life Network acknowledges that each person is on an individual journey and that at each step they need different information, experience and assistance. Members include those yet to have found the answers, those who are looking to know more and those who have something to pass on to others.

Meeting in boardrooms, café’s and restaurants, business men and women meet to discuss matters of faith in their workplace. They explore what it is to be an employee, a manager, or a leader and how to maintain an authentic faith in an environment which is often hostile to spiritual belief.

Business Life offers the opportunity to meet regularly with like minded individuals and to equip, inspire and encourage each other in our journeys.

Business Life Groups, made up of between 5 and 20 members, meet in their local business precincts during lunch hours or before work and discuss different topics each week which illuminate the challenges of professional life. Groups raise and attempt to answer some of the bigger questions of faith, and to run courses and structured learning.

The Business Life Network is non-denominational meaning it includes people of different denominations within the Christian faith. The focus is on what people agree on, not on what they disagree on.

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