"You are not alone in feeling alone".

Many of us have felt alone in our workplaces when it comes to our faith journey, even when surrounded by colleagues. The business world and the public sector can be hostile to matters of faith, with religion the new dirty word, it is easy to feel alone.

The Business Life network can connect you with Christians in your local area who are there to support and guide you. Many people are relieved to know that there are like minded people in their building, the one next door or just a few blocks away.

The Business Life Network is an association of Christians who are willing and able to help you with your questions where you are, in your workplace.

Find A Group

If there is not yet a group in your area, then there may be members nearby or one starting soon so let us know where you are and what you are looking for and we will try to connect you.

Find others

You may have a heart for helping and encouraging others. Let us know where you are and we would love to put you in touch with groups or people nearby.

Be there for others

Need a place to worship?

Follow this link to connect with the right worship community for you.

You can also worship with us. Business Life Connect is a monthly meeting for fellowship, worship and prayer.  See the Events page for details.