Business Life seeks to equip, train and inspire Christians to take their faith into the workplace and prosper. To be servant leaders, loving colleagues and all the while achieve a fulfilling, respected and enjoyable career.

There is a connection between faith and business. Only in recent history have the two been separated. Faith values are not roadblocks in your career but are actually the source of successful business’ and careers.

Business Life Breakfast’s give you the opportunity to hear from successful men and women on their Business – Life – Faith journeys and to be inspired by their ability to combine all.


Meeting with other Christians and explorers of faith you may learn to see your everyday work as having spiritual value and even to approach it as ministry.

Business Life Groups run a variety of programs and structured sessions including Business Alpha. Alpha is an opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed setting over 10 thought provoking weekly sessions. Business Alpha runs to a convenient one hour format each week, where participants bring food, hear a short presentation and engage in an informal discussion.

The format suits both Christians and non-Christians, and a mix of viewpoints really makes it worthwhile.

Groups run other courses and structured discussions which equip members to be better employees, managers and leaders with a mix of practical business coaching and faith values.

There are many other resources available to Business Life members. We encourage you to connect with a Group in your area or contact us to find out more.

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