Resources to Help us Find the Balance

We all struggle to achieve a work-life balance. But faith, which plays a large part in many lives, is often forgotten or tucked into the 'Life' partition. Authentic Faith pervades all areas of our life and true balance is achieved my integrating all three. LEARN MORE

Business Life supports Christians who come together in the business environment to share their faith in many ways. We find that groups are generally not looking to replicate scripture based discussion that they have in their own churches, rather they look to the group for networking, relationships and working through issues of being a Christian in the workplace with like minded peers.

Business Life offers facilitators, speakers and group leader resources to assist groups as they work through theses issues of work and faith. Topics include:

Faith and Work (Theology of work)
Sustainable evangelism at work
Ethical challenges at work
Is it right for a Christian to get rich?
Managing staff with love
Inviting Christians to BLG
How to pray for your work, colleagues, stressful times
Career decision-making and the priority of the Gospel
Rest and work
Work and idolatry
Servant Leadership
Introducing your faith
Inviting people to Alpha
Time Management skills

Need a place to worship?

Follow this link to connect with the right worship community for you.

You can also worship with us. Business Life Connect is a monthly meeting for fellowship, worship and prayer.  See the Events page for details.