We’re all exhausted. We struggle with conflicting demands of life—work, family, and faith. We feel like there is no way to balance those areas and the pressures keep mounting. How do we resolve the tension between work and spiritual life?

What if we recognised a deep connection between faith and business? What if biblical values weren’t roadblocks but actually the source of successful business? What if the real goal of business were more noble than profit maximisation? What if we could see our everyday work as having spiritual value? What if we could approach it as ministry? What if it were our calling, a calling as high as that of a pastor or missionary? What if God cared deeply about our work and wanted to be involved? And what if we could even partner with him in our business?

Business Life seeks to equip, train and inspire Christians to take their faith into the workplace and prosper. To be servant leaders, loving colleagues and all the while achieve a fulfilling, respected and enjoyable career.

When you get the faith bit in the right place, work and life find true balance.

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